IP Based Phone Solution

Unlike many other business phone systems, our premise-based solution provides a comprehensive mix of value, reliability, and modern voice technology to support both analog and IP phones. Whether you want to update all at once or build up gradually, this system allows you to implement a solution at your own pace.

Our premise based IP solution is designed to utilize both the redundancy and security of cloud based solutions while realizing the cost savings of keeping what can be handled on your in-house network local.  By mixing these two offerings, your business gets the benefits of having it both ways....cloud and premise based.

The best part is we do not mark up any equipment so your new system will cost a fraction of what you previously paid.  All maintenance and upgrades are included. The phone service savings alone quickly make a positive return on investment.


Host Your Own System

  • Manage the entire system under your own roof while also having remote instant support from us

Basic Phone System Features

  • Including multiple lines, hold, transfer, intercom, voice mail to email, music on hold, & more

Traditional Phone Line Compatibility

  • Works with analog phone company lines and/or internet based phone lines

Supports Remote & Mobile Employees

  • Connect with employees, no matter their location


Our Premise Based VoIP Solution might be right for you if:
  • You have a contract in place with your existing carrier and cannot switch to an all VoIP phone service yet
  • You like the idea of owning and controlling the system yourself
  • You are trying to reuse your existing digital or analog phones
  • You want to reduce your costs but still have a fail-safe system