Cloud and Traditional Phone Service

We offer a variety of phone service options.  Cloud based (SIP), low earth orbit satellite, and traditional phone lines and fax services are our main offerings.  Rather than settle for an all or nothing offering from traditional telecom companies, we can create a hybrid system that meets all of your needs by utilizing the right type of service line for each need.

For most businesses, changing from their current carrier to just our SIP phone services will save them about one-third of what they currently pay while increasing flexibility and security.  The change is simple and fast.

Our voice lines offer full redundancy through cloud technology so that if your business loses power, gets snowed in, flooded or is otherwise non-functional, we can reroute your calls automatically so you never miss a call.  Having been created in the days after Hurricane Katrina when every system was down, we built a network of backups so that your clients may reach you in the worst of days.