Our business was founded out of necessity in the days following Hurricane Katrina when literally all of New Orleans' communications infrastructure was destroyed.  In order to get our employees working again in the rebuilding process, we explored a brand new technology none as SIP Trunking.  Today, we have perfected methods to create a fully backed-up and redundant method of delivering communications services to our clients.

Solutions include virtual replicas of existing systems in the cloud, fail-over lines, and fully replicated and redundant servers spread across the United States.

With even our basic services, your phone service is set up to fail over to a backup route in even the shortest period of lost service.

In the event of a larger community wide disaster, imagine the advantage you will have over your competitors when your business is the only one reachable by potential clients.  We are able to replicate and backup every aspect of your communications with the exception of your phone number.  As long as your phone number itself is functional, you will have service.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are secure in your communications needs.


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